Christmas Comes Early

I finished my taxes last night and for the second year in a row, I’ll be getting a refund. It’s about 1/3 of what I got back last year, but I’m please to be getting a return period. For so many years, I would have to pay the Federal government money on April 15th. Thankfully, Turbo Tax has set me straight and I’m now taking every deduction owed to me. I’m all for paying my share in Federal & State taxes but based on current tax laws, a single person like me with no dependents pays her share and then some. That is so not fair!

  1. Last year my father had opened my W-2, because when not wearing his glasses “Heather” apparently looks like “Robert”. I said ‘Who opened my mail?!’ He said “I did. And boy, Uncle Sam just LOVES you!”
    It’s bad enough that the singles get the brunt, but it was twice as bad that a man who is in a tax bracket 3 times higher threw pity at me.

  2. Really? You got more than the standard deduction without a mortgage and property taxes? How did you pull that off? Are you in an Urban Enterprise Zone or something?

  3. I contributed the maximum as allowed by law to my 401K, MSA accounts among others things and I was able to bring my gross adjusted income down to qualify for such deductions as student loan interest, IRA, etc. So no mortgage/property tax deduction. Might have to go after that next year which means I’ll need to buy something.

  4. No friggin’ way! You make more than I do, don’t you? How the heck did you get your income low enough for student loan interest?
    (PS – It pisses me off to no end that I can’t deduct my student loan interest.)

  5. What, you want me to give away my finances on my website? I’m open but I’m not that open.

  6. Remember that while getting a refund is nice, all that means is you’ve given Uncle Sam and interest free loan. It’s counterintuitive but it’s better to owe come April.

  7. I love Turbo Tax — had I paid attention to it last year, I wouldn’t have had to pay an extra $600 to the state of Maryland. But I thought that Turbo Tax was acting up… ah, foolish me! Now I know better!

  8. turbo tax sux. so does h&r block. take it from me.. a tax accountant. 🙂

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