Campaign Fundraising via now allows folks to make donations to political candidates. Here are how the two main candidates stack up:

Since 1/23/2004
John Kerry
Contributions raised at $52,671.00
Number of contributions received at 1240
Average contribution: $42.48

Since 2/3/2004
George Bush
Contributions raised at $15,123.44
Number of contributions received at 395
Average contribution: $38.29

kerry is leading the race here, but it doesn’t really mean much since President Bush already has $100 millions in his war chest. I think the latest numbers put Kerry’s war chest at $3million. So here’s hoping that his new status as the eventual Democratic nominee will boost his ability to raise more money. It’s going to be a dirty campaign and without lots of money, it’s going to be really difficult for Kerry to beat the incumbent. So if you’re a Democrat or someone who is simply fed up with the policies of the current administration, consider making a contribution to the Kerry campaign –even if it’s $10. Every bit helps.

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  1. Does Kerry even need that much money to campaign? I mean people are either going to vote for GWB or against him. If people haven’t heard of Kerry by now, they probably weren’t going to vote anyway. Maybe I’m missing the point.

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