The Pink Nun

I forget to mention that I got a Valentine on Saturday. It came from the Pink Nun as I was waiting at the the Corner of Clark & Belmont for the #22 Bus. Now having a good chuckle as I read the poem in the Valentine Card:

Mind over matter
Decide to get empowered
before you get de-flowered
this is the hour
of will power

To that I say, whatever! More power to anyone out them getting some. But just be sure to use a condom!

  1. rofl
    so is that what you do now? write greeting cards?

  2. LOL @ Kat. Speaking of getting some, have you heard from the band guy?

  3. Getting some? What’s that? I vaguely remember…

  4. I didn’t write that. That was the poem written in Valentine that the nun gave to me. Actually she gave it to quite a few other people as well. As for Band Boy, well I have not heard from him and I don’t plan on calling or emailing him either.

  5. Hello,
    here’s the poems from the other valentines i handed out that day, and an extra recent selection from my Hymen Rhymin’
    She went to bed,
    got knocked up and said,
    “OH dred! I wish I’d
    done something else instead!”
    She thought that he would leave her,
    So she gave him head
    And after he got some beaver,
    He STILL fled.
    She decided sex was a waste
    When she got laced
    with an infectious paste
    Now she wished
    That she’d been chaste
    She stayed
    Got laid
    But she got played
    Now she just wants him spayed.
    You’re kickin’ your leg up like a rockette
    Think nothin’ will happen… You wanna bet?
    You’re playin’ russian roulette
    Wake in the morning and what do you get?
    Maybe a baby, a disease if you please
    But you ain’t gotta pay those fees
    You could wait for one to get down on his knees
    But only you hold those keys

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