I am having one of those days where I don’t particularly like what I do for a living. I am stressed beyond belief. I know I need to calm down and get things in check. I know I need to count my blessing for even having the job. But I can’t because I’m putting so much pressure on myself it’s almost unreal. I need a vacation.

  1. i remember those days. a weekend away will do you good. not that i’m telling a fellow traveller where to go, but phila overnight (2 night stay for 1 night in particpating hotels) is on til the end of march. 😀

  2. Till the end of march? That’s it? Dag…that sucks!

  3. Me too, honey, me too. I need an escape from my real life for a few days – I don’t even need to go somewhere tropical. Maybe I can hide out at the boy’s apartment all weekend and pretend life doesn’t go on around us.

  4. stress is my life i dont know what it would be like stress free

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