A New Picture of Choo-Choo

  1. choo choo is gorgeous. a giant hairball but gorgeous. that’s one helluva tail.

  2. Lounging pretty kitty 🙂

  3. AWWWWW! Wook at da widdle fwuffy pitty kitty kat!

  4. Yes, all that fur even though I gave him the lion cut less than 3 months ago. Now you understand that when it is full grown, it’s unmanageable. I’m letting him grow it out now, but I’m taking him back in for a trim in another 2 months. It’s been great not having to deal with so many fur balls.

  5. maybe u should get some shears and trim him so he doesn’t have to wind up looking so bald??
    he’s posing like ‘come here dahlin, do you like my fluffy tail. mmmmmmeow.’

  6. You have some of the nicest furniture I have seen in some time.
    (Since I do this whenever you show a photo, I would like to say, I do look at what you are pointing out in the photograph…but then I look at the surroundings whether it be books or furniture. And yes, Choo-Choo is very handsome and looks quite content.)

  7. What a handsome boy! I’ll bet he has you trained, lol! 😉

  8. Hi, I found my way here by way of Positively Creative’s site. Choo-Choo is adorable. He is really posing for the camera too!

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