What Were They Thinking

People are renting Gigli. This I learnt while at the video store earlier today. Considering that not one critic had anything nice to say about the film, was surprised to see that all 6 copies were checked out. One I could understand, but all six. Perhaps whoever rented the movie just wanted to have a good laugh. Whatever their reason, tonight was definitely the night to rent. My local rental video store offers 99cents rentals on Tuesdays. I walked away with a copy of Finding Nemo which I can’t wait to watch.

  1. not gonna lie. i thought about it. i won’t, but i thought of it.

  2. I think I will watch it, but whenever it comes on cable at about 2 AM; it’s the best time for bad movie watching.

  3. i think i’ll watch it when it happens to be aired on one of the movie channels i subscribe – just to see how bad it is.. heheh

  4. I noticed that too at my local video store. All copies of video and dvd were checked out. Shocking! Crazy!

  5. my roomie & her friend went to see Gigli at the theatre as an act of pain. i guess they punched each other in the arms throughout the movie, as it was so bad 😉
    we tried to get Nemo the other day when we rented Pirates of the Carribean, but it was out. still need to watch it!

  6. That’s alarming. Enjoy Finding Nemo, though. It’s sooooo cute.

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