Pet Search

With the success of American Idol, a number of clones have cropped up. Animal Planet has their version: Pet Search. With take home prize of $2,500 for 15 weekly winners and grand prize of $25,000 in cash, I’m trying to see if I could teach Choo-Choo a few new tricks. He’s such a cutie that I’d like to see him get a shot at 15minutes of fame; and oh yeah, the cash would be nice too.

  1. Choo Choo would charm the pants off of everyone just by virtue of showing up. He sure is handsome!
    BTW, have you lost weight? You look fantastic in that pic.

  2. Hmmm…my cat Serenity plays fetch…wonder if that’s worth $25,000.
    Priceless for me…hours of entertainment…although I’m not sure who enjoys it more…me or the cat.

  3. ahhh choo choo in all is regalness…
    honestly, he looks like he’d be like ‘oh my human must be out her mind. does she know who i am?’

  4. I am looking for a dog i am disabled and very lonely,the vet told me to look for a golden retriever or a lab I would prefer a yellow lab,or the golden retreive I have a dog 14 years old anbd the vet recommended i get a new dog my dog is now 15 years old and i started getting seisures she actually became seisure sensite. The first timew I had a seisure she blocked my fall and layed next to me all night. she knows when im sick but her days are numbered.imagine her knowing something was wrong ,shes amazing just a mutt and I will miss her so much so hopefully I can get a dog before her time comes.Her name is Harley, she wont ever be replaced but another dog may help when i get sick watching what she does, SOMEONE HELP ME
    I live in ocean county monmouth county area in new jersey please someone help me I need a companion.
    doesnt have to be a puppy or papers just a nice dog a puppy or a dog one to three yrs old. and a female dog. thank you
    know im not replacing my dog she cant be replaced im rying to get aboyher dog thast ny gog whike ses stiill here she can see.
    thanks all soorry for veing so long
    God Bless
    or terry hills

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