Kerry Wins!

Let the record reflect that at 4pm central time, I posted my prediction for the Iowa Caucus at I predicted that the order for the top four candidates would be: Kerry, Dean, Edwards and then Gephardt. With 75% of the precincts reporting, looks like Kerry will walk away with a win. Yeah! Hoping this will provide some much needed energy and momentum to the Senator’s campaign. Governor Dean has a lot of good qualities, but he’s too much of a loose canon for me. He’s like a bad boy that’s good to date for a short term, but not someone you want to take home to meet your parents. Kerry is that guy. As former New Hampshire Gov. Jeanne Shaheen said last fall:

“John Kerry is the only Democratic candidate with the combination of experience and leadership on national security and a lifetime of fighting for the issues critical to Democrats we need to beat George Bush and take this country in a new direction.”

So congrats Senator Kerry! Now let’s see what you can do in New Hampshire.

  1. Did you take that from the Kerry bumper stickers that I saw on The Daily Show: “Dated Dean, Married Kerry”?
    of course The Daily Show added “…Finger-banged Kusinich”

  2. Actually No. I haven’t watched the Daily Show in a long time. In any event, I just couldn’t get on the Dean bandwagon, I just couldn’t. He’s always shooting off his mouth about one thing or another. He’s a total hothead. Too out of control and angry for me. As such, I really don’t think he’s electable.

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