Cashew Nuts

Anyone else out there have a weakness for cashew nuts? I buy the 10z can and its gone in like two days. Also, can anyone tell me why they are more expensive than most other nuts. Just wondering!
P.S. Can you tell that I’m reaching for things to talk about? In my defense, it was a boring day at work and I spend most of tonight scrapbooking at a friend’s house.

  1. Fellow cashew fiend here — given the expense, I try to ration the purchase a bit, but, yeah, when they’re here, they’re gone…

  2. I hate cashews to the point that I won’t buy a mixed nuts mix that includes them.
    I’m a sucker for almonds, roasted unsalted. 🙂 They’re horribly expensive. Evil.

  3. First, there is the cashew apple, at the bottom of that apple is one cashew nut. One apple, one nut. Imagine how many of these cashew apples have to be produced to create all those cashews!
    Personally, I’m not a fan of cashews, not a fan of nuts period…unless its in a brownie…and even THEN I’m suspect. 🙂

  4. I LOVE cashews! I once read that cashews aren’t nuts. Judging from what Shasta has said, I guess it’s a seed. I’ve never heard of cashew apples.

  5. Yum, cashews! Major weakness of mine.

  6. Well, I must admit I’m addicted too. It’s almost as if something is lacking in my diet but I’m very good on all the supplements etc. Just discovered a wicked cashewnut butter too by Biona – 100% pure organic cashew, powerful stuff.

  7. LOVE Cashews!!! Interesting bit, though, about the expense of them. Since a Chicago girl yourself, go to Shedd’s Aquarium and see the small agricultural display (close to the roaches; yuck). They claim that the cashew’s shell (not apple) has a very similar secretion to that of poison ivy. In fact, they have to be harvested with gloves and masks and then the shells have to be roasted before they can be handled. Alot of trouble for something so good but WORTH IT!!!

  8. Cashews are expensive because the shell contains a very toxic substance that causes blisters on the skin!

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