Holiday Dinner Party

Tis the season for holiday parties. Two were on the agenda last night. I went to the first but never made it to the second. It was a dinner party with a white elephant gift exchange. The host has thrown this party for the last few years and she always does a fabulous job with decorations and more importantly the food. So I’m overcome with holiday cheer. Of course, I still haven’t put up my own Christmas tree yet. Maybe I’d do that this week sometime.

  1. explain white elephant gift exchange.

  2. Click on link for explanation about white elephant gift exchange. I’ve participated a number of times and its always been fun.

  3. oohhh.. that’s what it’s called. i’ve ‘played’ it before at one of last year’s xmas parties of my x-boss. he, however, didnt call it that, but just a ‘prize giving exchange with a twist’. hahaha

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