Holiday Cards

So I’m wondering, is it to late to send out holiday cards? Sure Christmas has come and gone, but there’s always New Year’s greetings right? Hmmm, maybe I’ll get around to sending them out this week. You would think with my week off I would have done that, but I didn’t. Oh well!

  1. i don’t think so. go for it. i sent cards out the day after christmas one year.
    what i don’t particularly like is when you can tell someone has sent you a card cuz you sent them one.

  2. The answer is to send the cards so late that nobody will accuse you of doing a post-holiday tit-for-tat. One year, I procrastinated on cards so badly that I decided WTF and waited until July to send them out. Reaction was mixed. Some folks thought my “Christmas in July” was a riot, a few thought it was a pathetic attempt at attention, and some actually believed mail had taken six months to reach them.

  3. You could be really lazy and get those little kids Valentines day cards at the drugstore and send those out in a few weeks. I’m telling you, it’s a great idea. Who doesn’t love to be loved?

  4. My cards never make it out the door till it’s almost Easter. But, people know me, so…

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