Heading Back to Work

I go back to work tomorrow. I’m so not ready. Choo-Choo needs me at home. I like being at home. Speaking of Choo-Choo, I need to figure out how I can start claiming him on my tax return. I looked at my most recent pay stub and noticed that I’ve paid more in taxes this year than I made during my first year out of college. Something is just not right with that. I’m all for paying my fair share, but single people get screwed so I need some dependents. And now really, why can’t I claim my cat? He’s like a child that never grows up. He is dependent on me to provide food and shelter. Heck, my apartment complex charges me extra rent to have a cat. That all adds up when you throw in medical care, grooming, treats, etc. Well, it’s just an idea.

  1. extra rent for your cat? that’s highway robbery. what the heck is a cat going to do. you didn’t even have to tell them. who would have known? it’s not like he’s a doberman. speaking of dogs, my aunt use to claim hers. i forgot his name; it was a man’s name though something like jake. jake trent was on each and every one of her tax returns for 10 years.
    i thought choo-choo was a girl. oops. how long did it take for him to stop turning his back on you?

  2. Yep, extra rent and extra deposit, most of it non-refundable.
    I have three cats and there is no way I tell them of all three of them. I’ll admit to one and sneak the other two in. Some may say that is dishonest but I think the landlords who charge $200-300 deposit per animal plus $20-50 extra rent a month per animal are the real criminals.
    If you lived there a year, you would be paying an additional $440-900. No cat does that much damage.
    If the cat is quiet, I wouldn’t tell the landlord. What they don’t know don’t hurt ’em.

  3. Oops, I meant to add:
    I said all that to say also that I agree that pets should be allowed as dependents on tax returns.
    If anyone dares scream, “You CHOSE to have that pet”…might I remind them they also CHOSE to have their kid?
    I’m being less of a burden on society by sticking to animals and I should be rewarded. In fact, we should be rewarded for rescuing animals from the pound…like a time frame deal.
    Say you adopt a pet from the pound, you still have said pet 5 years later, the government gives you a fat check.
    Kat..how did your aunt never get caught claiming a dog on her income tax?

  4. Yeah Kat, how did your aunt manage to pull that off? Don’t you need a valid social security number for each dependent?

  5. Heh, I wish I could claim my two cats. And I hear ya about the deposit/pet rent deal. It’s stupid and nothing but pure profit for the landlord. There should be either a refundable deposit OR pet rent, but not both. That’s just wrong.

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