Blame Canada

As someone who is on the Atkins Diets, I’m a little concerned about the beef supply here in this country. Each day, more and more tidbits come out about the cow with mad cow disease. It is my understanding that meat from said cow was sent to 8 different states. Who knew there was so much meat on one cow? As more evidence seeps out about the history of this cow, looks like we can thank our neighbors to the North. No they are not being made scapegoats, we really can Blame Canada.

  1. i couldn’t hang w/atkins. i don’t eat meat. just started eating chicken again this summer and i’m about to stop. that made it really hard. plus everyone i know who has stuck with it and lost weight all have messed up skin.

  2. Messed up skin? Tell me about that……

  3. For an interesting take on Mad Cow Disease, check out this story at Jeff Rense’s site. It’s all linked to cattle mutilations, possible covert operations and much, much more.

  4. acne.
    people who had clear skin now have blotchy bumpy skin. on darkskinned people i’ve noticed what looks like adult acne..usually on females under their makeup. my brother looked like he had rosacea (however u spell it).
    plus, they all looked like they had aged to me.

  5. Oddly enough, a low-carbohydrate diet has helped control my rosacea to a certain degree.

  6. as a brit who has always eaten red meat, I’m probably doomed.
    For us, even though the crisis brok in the 90’s they say that anyone who ate beef since the mid-80’s could be affected.
    But hell, when steak tastes so good it’s worth it eh? Mooooooooo

  7. I just threw out about a hundred dollars of beef, not knowing which was tainted and which was not. Some was I know for sure, because it came from the same meat processing plant in the news, and from the same week — I had just brought it all home and frozen it. But we have already consumed about 8 lbs. of possibly tainted hamburger. I’m ready to go back to veggie burgers, I tell ya. Now we have to sit around and wait for 10 years to pass, till we know whether or not we will end up drooling on ourselves? Yikes stripes. Wild moose is looking pretty good right now. I might even go help the hubby hunt next fall, even though the thought of shooting an animal dead is repulsive to me.
    Yeah, I know. I have a lot to work out between my conscience and my stomach.

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