Santa, Baby!

I’ve talked to quite a few family and friends who have mentioned that they’ve already started their Christmas holiday shopping. As such, I thought I’d put it out there that I’d really like one of these. I’ve been really good this year! More importantly, I could really use a car. Even thought it’s wicked expensive to have a car where I live, I’m really getting tired of taking public transportation.

  1. Hmm, now why was I expecting a half naked man to be on the other side of that link? Oh wait, that’s on my list. Sorry. I’m projecting.
    Niiiice wheels though

  2. It’s amazing how many cars that i couldn’t afford when I was young and poor, I still can’t afford now that I’m not young and occasionally have a shekel in the pocket

  3. I LOVE my 9-3 convertible! I have the last generation model (2001) and it is probably the best snow handling car I have ever had. The convertible top has been a nightmare, however, as it is ALWAYS broken, but it handles like a dream. My lease is up early next year and I’m on to the Infiniti G35 coupe next! I think I need to grow up and get a “big-boy” car soon. Until then, I’m all for the wind in my hair (what’s left of it…)!

  4. i love me a saab! seriously, ever since i was little, i thought those convertibles were HOT-HOT-HOT. someday 😉 in other car news, thursday i make my last car pymt – yippee!

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