Royal Sex Scandal

Here are the details on the royal scandal the BBC World News hinted at last week. Apparently, it involves gay sex between a royal and a man servant. Even if allegations are true, not sure I agree that it could bring down the Monarchy, but then I don’t live in England so what the heck do I know.

  1. Royal allegations and rumours about Prince Charles

    Richard Bacon is the producer and host of ‘Flipside TV’. But who knows how long for, eh? He might have blown Prince Charles’ Shaggy-esque “It wasn’t me” story, in the same way that Matthew Wright did with the John Leslie/Ulrika…

  2. Gay sex…a scandal? With all the other tawdry things going on in the world today, gay sex seems downright trite.
    Or I just don’t care. One of the two:)

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