I was lounging in bed channel surfing, when I remembered, I hadn’t blogged yet for the day. I groaned because I have nothing of interest to really blog about. I suppose I could write about the fact that my immediate supervisor had this contest today that said if you achieved X, you could leave early. I met goal by 11am and left around 12noon. After lunching with a colleague, I took the EL back to my neighborhood. There I stopped off at a bookstore to find out what was showing at the local theatre. I spent a few hours there before heading over to the theatre, only to receive a call from my younger sister who wanted to go shopping. In that I was agreeable, I ended up not seeing The Human Stain. After 3+ hours of clothes shopping, I ended the evening by lounging around and watching television with a vodka (grey goose) tonic in my hand. Pretty boring huh? So goes my life these days which I suppose is not a bad thing.

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  1. Sounds good to me. When you star drinking the Grey Goose straight, you might have something to worry about it. And if you start drinking vodka out of plastic bottle, you might seriously consider getting help.

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