How Wyrm Tainted Are You

As if I didn’t already know this…

Pure: Your heart and soul are so pure it is as
though you where born yesterday. Somehow you
have managed to avoid all of the bad things in
life, and have led a very sheltered life. You
are a beacon of light in a world of shadows,
but your heart radiated a gentle kindness that
the shadows dissipate before.
You have absolutely no taint upon your soul.

How Wyrm Tainted Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Quiz found via Sasoozie’s Secrets.

  1. wow. that thing took forever to load and take (alright i’m watching tv too). i got the same results as you. we’re special.

  2. Most people who did that test have ended up as pure, except my ex, his result was really scary and reminded me why he is an ex.. 😀

  3. Fun & Games

    Found this quiz link from Ursula :: Barely Tainted: You are a human being, and all humans are susceptible to giving in to vices on occasion. You try to lead…

  4. Before you all get too excited… 😉
    I took the test at Quizilla, a favorite spot of mine, where I once learned that my inner child is only six years old and that the fictional character I am most like is Jean Luc Picard.
    But now this!
    I also came up pure!
    Somehow, I scored that even though I listed rape and torture as a couple of my favorite activities, Satan as my favorite bad guy, Spring and Madonna as people I admire and noted that my friends say “still not quite evil enough to become a full-fledged demon.” (They didn’t have anything worse I could pick.)
    Makes one wonder what one has to do to beconsidered IMPURE.
    Oh, before everyone freaks out: I don’t REALLY enjoy any of those things I listed above! I gave truthful answers the first time and came back pure and untainted. I knew THAT was impossible, to I went back and chose worse answers to see what would happen. Even with the answers noted above, I still came back pure and untainted.
    I suspect even Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield and Ridge would. (Did I say that?) 😉

  5. I guess that was supposed to be “Springer” and not “Spring”, eh? (More proof that those were fake answers! Really! I’m a nice guy! Weird, but nice!)

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