Extra Football Ticket

My best guy friend wrote the ad below for me to post re extra ticket I have for upcoming Michigan vs. Northwestern Football Game. If interested drop me an email. It’s a chance for one lucky person to hang out with my friends and me. 🙂

Ticket to the tailgate & game: $50
Round-trip CTA transportation to Evanston: $3
An afternoon with the enigmatic Ursula: Priceless

  1. yeah but i’m in phila. *sigh* i gotta find me some phila bloggers. thats really cool of u offering

  2. Interesting…with all of your Chicago readers, I’m looking forward to seeing who ends up coming…

  3. No one has responded yet 🙁 So maybe they’ll all being shy. Or maybe they don’t love me as me as I love me. Who knows. In any event, maybe it’s time to go invite my sister before its too late.

  4. ahhhh, i’m an Illini kid, so NU vs. MI is about as far from anything i’d want to go to 😉

  5. I’ll solicit my folks, too…should be interesting if we get someone 🙂

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