What’s To Become of Us

Former President Clinton went to California. Former Vice President Gore went to California. Jesse Jackson went to California. In the end, none of them were successful in helping Gray Davis save his job. It’s now Governor Schwarzenegger. God help California and the rest of these United States. I’m sure Arnold will surround himself with good people to help him govern, but I know it won’t be easy. California like many other states in the Union is in a sorry state. Hopefully, they (Republican & Democratic Party leaders) can put the recall behind them and start properly managing the State that like to boast that they have the 4th largest economy in the world. As for the Democratic Party, hopefully they can get their act together for November 2004. They won’t win the White House back by loosing California’s 54 or Florida’s 25 electorial college votes. Let this be a wake up call. The Democratic Party has lost its way. Hopefully, it’s only temporary.

  1. Guh,
    I’m thinking that Dem or Repub means nothing these days. Everyone seems to be switching/hopping/jumping…
    I’m just afraid that our political party affiliation means nothing – no matter WHICH side you choose!
    I want a political candidate that will stand up and say “I BELIEVE IN [fill in the blank]” and really mean it.

  2. Frank Lloyd Wright once said that Route 66 is the chute down which the entire country is sliding to California.

  3. My guess is Maria will be making many of the decisions. Whether that’s a good thing or not, who knows.

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