The Perfect MatchUp

I grew up in Boston and have lived in Chicago for almost 10 years. Nothing would please me more but to see the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox play in the World Series. Sure I’d have divided loyalty, but it would be so nice to see one of these teams win.

  1. Sometimes you just have to let your split personality out…
    If you start sewing together a Cubs and Red Sox Jersey, seek professional help.

  2. *snort*! I am hoping for the very same thing, if only so one of those teams can put their “curse” to rest. Besides which, I really, REALLY hate the damn Yankees.

  3. I’m hoping for it too. Hell will have frozen over then . Actually, I just think it would be cool to have a Chicago team in the World Series for the first time in forever, and my uncle is a diehard member of the Red Sox Nation. And, did anyone notice that the selected location for this month’s Chicago Blog Meetup is about a mile from Wrigley and is the same day as Game 7?

  4. well at least you know one of your teams would win that way

  5. isn’t everybody pulling for this??? yippee – go BoSox, go Cubbies 🙂

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