Downloading Music

Apple announced last week that they have launched a Windows version of iTunes. Am I the only person out there who has not yet downloaded a song off the Internet? I don’t know why, but I have no real desire to download music. Maybe if it was books, I’d be more excited. But even then, not so sure as I like the way I feel when I’m holding a book in my hand and I’m turning the pages. Who knows, maybe one of these days I’ll download a song. For now, I’m in no hurry. Heck, I hardly listen to the 50 or so CDs I own.

  1. I have yet to download any music that is comercially available — all of my downloads tend to be compositions by DIY electronic music (*not* electronica) composers…

  2. With iTunes, you can also download audio books. They have 5,000 available to download now (with more additions in the near future). They’ll run you anywhere from $6 to $20.
    Not the same as holding the book & reading, but perfect for long road trips or rush hour on the El.

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