Chicago Bloggers Happy Hour

I had a fun time hanging out with fellow bloggers last Thursday at The Big Bar located at Hyatt Regency Chicago. I saw a few people I had met before, and met many more whose blogs I cruise on a regular basis. Here are a few photos from the event:

1st Photo: Brian sipping on a very large blue martini with Wendy in background.
2nd Photo: Lauriean and Ursula (Me!). Goodness, I need to loose a few pounds!
3rd Photo: Naz in middle is being freaked on the dance floor by Jesica on the left and Shylo on the right.

Aren’t we a fun crowd? Well if you’re in Chicago, sign up for the Chicago Bloggers Yahoo Group to find out about future events. You might just see me there!

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  1. Oh lordy, I knew this photo would pop up eventually thus forver incriminating me and ruining my chances for ever running for civil service! 😉
    It was a good time indeed. To more!

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