Management has asked my team to increase productivity. Granted the expectations are not completely unreasonable, I just worry about maintaining the momentum. Perhaps in the weeks/months to come, my paycheck will reflect my hard work but right now I’m completely exhausted from it all. You know, sometimes I wonder how I ended up here. Never in my life growing up did I ever say I wanted to be a sales person. This is not why I went to college. Don’t get me wrong, B2B sales is not a bad profession. The financial rewards alone can compensate for the stress of the job. Plus being able to help someone become more efficient in their job by provided a service is a great thrill — particularly when they were initially reluctant to consider your company’s service offering. But after 10 years, it’s starting to takes its toll and it’s difficult to change course. Maybe if I sold something that actually made a difference in the world and didn’t just help corporations become more profitable, I’d feel better about everything. Just maybe. Right now I’m just tired and exhausted from it all.

  1. I find I “reinvent” myself about every 10 years. Sounds like you about ready.

  2. Burnout. I’ve done it once and I feel it creeping up again. That’s why I’m going back to school. When I finally “can’t take anymore”, the transition will be easier with a degree of some sort.

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