Dear Most Recent Ex-Boyfriend

Per our conversation tonight, please do not call me again and ask me to borrow money. It makes me uncomfortable. So get off your ass and get a job. At this point, it really doesn’t matter what kind of job, just get a job. Perhaps your mother did you a favor by deciding not to pay you this week. You haven’t particularly done much to earn what she was giving you and in fact, I’m sure she only continued to do so because you were her son. Have you no shame? No pride? Goodness. You’re 43 years old. Grow up. I lent you money once before and even though you paid me back, I won’t do it again. I am not a bank. I will not be your enabler.

  1. You go, woman!

  2. ditto that!! 🙂

  3. Ursula, how does a woman who seems so strong and together like yourself attract such a mooch like that? My mother used to get the same thing after her divorce. She played “mommy” to a few guys she dated.
    Keep it strong, Girl!

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