What Will Be, Will Be!

Telling your boss that you’re thinking of quitting your job within earshot of other coworkers is probably not the smartest idea. Particularly when you really don’t have another job lined up. I didn’t really mean to tell him today, but I’m just really frustrated. Frustrated with the way things are being run at my company. Heck my boss has only been with the company for two months, and he was already promoted. Yet, here I am, almost a year into the job, with no promotion in sight. So I’m pissed because my revenue numbers are the highest of the team. In fact, my efforts help land my company’s largest client. This client is currently holding up the Chicago sales office. Yet, my efforts are not being rewarded or worse yet recognized by management. Plus the commission plan has changed which means I’ll have to work twice as hard for less money. Call me crazy, but I’m not interested in doing so. In this tough environment, the only thing that makes sales barely as a profession is the money and under the new plan, I don’t really see myself making money. So I blurted out my frustration. Time will only tell what will happen next. At this point, I’m ready for a change. The situation is what it is, so what will be, will be!

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  1. It’s horrible when you don’t get the recognition you deserve, even worse when you’re not getting paid what you’re worth. Maybe it’s time to get out that resume and start networking, or, gasp, pull up the stakes and move to London…

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