Show Africa The Money

Now that President Bush is back from Africa, I’m wondering how long Congress will take to approve the $15billion he pledged to fight AIDS? He first mentioned the pledge in 2003 State of the Union speech, so it’s not like they’re hearing it for the first time.

  1. It won’t show up. It’s bullshit showmanship. It’ll fall under the axe of “unknow budget expenditures” that will prevent Africa from seeing one dollar.
    Mark my words.

  2. I hope Africa does get the money. AIDS isn’t just a problem for Africa because it is a communicable disease. It became so prevalent because of ignorance in the first place. It is the job of more advanced nations to help more destitute nations. However, that can only go so far. The U.S. has to look out for its interests to. But, the buck has to stop somewhere.
    In an airplane emergency with gas masks dropping down in front of you, what do you do first? A) put the mask on the child seated next to you or B) put it on yourself first. I would pick B because unlike you the child may be incapable of putting the mask on by himself because of immaturity. If you put yours on and he passes out it is no big deal because you can put his mask on. However, he won’t do that for you in the inverse.
    Lesson, Atlas shrugs if over burdened and under appreciated.

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