In looking at my sitemeter stats earlier today, I noticed that someone came to my site via Since my curiosity was peaked, I clicked on the link and followed the prompt to enter a website URL. I chose to enter my own and what appeared was a porno version of my own site. The results are a little disturbing, but also funny as heck. So check it out.

  1. That is hysterical. I pornolized one of my old journals. Some of the sentences are what I’ve thought about writing but would never actually write. And then, some sentences I have written similarly. (Usually in a rant.)
    I’m gonna go pornolize your site now.

  2. This _is_ disturbing, yet entertaining. Thanks for sharing. I’m gonna go pornolize my own blog right now!

  3. A similar and equally entertaining translation tool is the “Shizzolator” at .
    But instead of porno, it translates sites into “gangsta speak.”

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