If I didn’t already own so many darn sweatshirts I don’t wear, I might seriously consider ordering a Neighborhoodie. Maybe I will anyway. It would be a great reminder for the neighborhood of my youth.
Via NPR.

  1. Even we in the tiny towns have neighborhoods.(mine is “The Old West Side”) Exactly which “Neighborhoodie” in Chicago do you live in?

  2. I’m in East Lakeview — sandwiched between Wrigleyville and Lincoln Park.

  3. Wow, pretty cool, I never knew about those! Thanks for the link. I might get one.
    My home town is Charleston, SC. I don’t know about the rest of the south but it is a pretty nice place.
    Ursula said:
    “sandwiched between Wrigleyville and Lincoln Park.”
    Heh, sandwitched between the namesake of an angst ridden neo-rock band.

  4. Just got me a rockin’ t-shirt representin’ Echo Park in LA. Sweet! Check out the hoodalums store.

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