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In my continued efforts to get organized, trying to catalog my personal belongings. Wondering, has anyone out there used a home inventory software? I started off with an excel spreadsheet but that isn’t sophisticated enough. For example, would like to use program that allows me to load pictures of the various items and scanned copies of receipts. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.

  1. It’s not specifically for making home inventories, but Microsoft Money includes a feature whereby you can add an inventory of your belongings, including accompanying images and other identifying information. My version of Money isn’t the most up-to-date, so more recent versions may have even improved on this.
    I’m on a get organized trip right now too. It’s taking a while, but I’m getting there!

  2. Thanks for pointing that out to me. I already use Microsoft Money so I’ll check out the home inventory feature. I suppose it really pays to walk through the product demo. I been using Microsoft Money since January and was not aware of that feature. Which leads me to believe that I’m sure there are other cool features I’m not currently using.

  3. You can also use MS Access to create a home inventory system as well, you could also use a system that I created call Tracker. It is mainly used for businesses, but I could modify it to work for home use.

  4. I used Home Manager software – http://www.kzsoftware.com/products/homemanager
    It lets you track all your home inventory items, and you can add pictures as well. After you’ve entered everything, you can print a report to save in a safe deposit box, or store it at work, a relatives house, etc.

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