Hello Everyone

Mommy Ursula has finally given me my own personal space on this weblog. Yippee!! Am I not the cutest cat you’ve ever seen? Ok, I know some of you out there also have cats so you really don’t have to answer that. In any event, send mommy some love. She’s over here depressed as she’s been cooped up in the house since Friday. She’s got a wretched cold.

  1. Very important! When you’re finally up and about head for the nearest Walgreens (or whatever) and pick up Cold-EZE. Always keep a couple with you. At the first sign of a cold start popping them. You will be amazed at how well they work. It also helps to stay away from 5 and 6 year olds. Trust me, they are germ factories.

  2. You have really beautiful eyes. Do like raw fish? My cats like raw fish. In fact, it’s all they’ll eat these days. They have become quite the finicky customers. Sometimes they won’t even eat the fish if it’s not the type of tuna they like. But I love them, so I cater to their every needs. Damn lucky cats.

  3. Why thank you Andrew. I always thought my eyes were one of my best assets. As for my diet, well mommy Ursula has me on dry food. When she first adopted me, she tried feeding me some of the can stuff, but my stomach couldn’t handle it. She sort of compensated for it, by buying an unlimated about of Pounce Treats.

  4. Jr, thanks for the Cold-EZE tip. I’ll have to remember that next time I’m in one of the local drugstores.

  5. Oh, Choo-Choo, you are beyoootiful! No wonder mommy Ursula loves you so!

  6. Hope you feel better. Nice new pic, btw. The hair looks good.

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