Dolphin Stress Test

A former boss emailed me link to the Dolphin Stress Test and I can’t stop laughing after completing. In her note she wrote: “This test is amazingly accurate and fast.” So true, so very true.

  1. What, Me? Stressed?

    Found at Ursula’s place: the Dolphin Stress Test. I think I may need to schedule another one of those “Pamper Me” weekends now….

  2. Fabulous. Being a Wisconsinite, I found this one especially amusing 🙂 Gotta’ show this to my boss on Monday to prove I need a break. Will it work? Dunno ’till I try!

  3. Lol, that is humorous. Not a laugh riot because its hard to get me to laugh big. Even if I’m laughing in my head though.
    You know, the scientists say that the funniest joke is incongruety. Whereby, the joke involves a result that was unexpected but logical.
    For instance, a guy is stranded by himself with no food. For a whole year he survived until he was rescued and that whole time all he had was a calendar. Before he was rescued, how did he survive?
    He ate the dates.
    Personally, I don’t find that joke really funny but it has the principals of incongruity.
    What am I talking about this for? That’s what the dolphin test did.

  4. hey umm i have a question yeah yeah i saw the cow but really is there anything but the cow,, if your not stressed will you really see two DOLPHINS? or is it a trick, everyone will see the cow, well i dunno but either way i thought it was funny lol

  5. I thought it was great, What I would like to know is if we could get day’s off for stress calculated by the pound??????

  6. sarah – what cow???

  7. This is the original world famous Dolphin Stress Test presented as it was meant to be presented on the internet.
    Dolphin Stress Test

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