Do you remember the first weblog you ever read?

Someone who shall remain nameless recently told me that my weblog was the first he ever read. I was a little surprised but as I reflect on this revelation, trying not to let it go to my head because even though he couldn’t remember, I’m sure it was some random search that sent him to my site. So on many levels; it’s really no big deal. As for me, the first blog I ever read was (is) written by my friend Leigh over at HanlonVision. I first encountered his blog during the summer of 2002 when he was on blogger and theme was more science fiction/UFO focused. His blog was a major source of inspiration for me to do something with the domain name. Anyone else out there remember the first blog they read? Inquiry minds want to know.

  1. Brandon Kish was a friend,and he helped me build my first blog from the ground up using php and a database. Pretty inspirational, to get me to read computer textbooks in the middle of summer!

  2. Pandora’s Boxers, since moved to Mindspillage. I was creating a Geocities website at the time myself, so I believe I found her searching thru their pages on one of several discovered common interests (would that I could remember which one). From her page, I gathered some idea of what one could do with such a thing (and also shamelessly borrowed freely from her blogroll), and despite my continuing demonstration of an inability to do the form justice, I still strive to be worthy of my blogmamma
    (And so it goes…)

  3. was my first.

  4. Beck(!)’s blog was the first I read. Yours, actually, was the second.

  5. Yours is the first blog I’ve read! Of course I needed to post for a fellow Ursula!!

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