Being On Top

When your name begins with “U” and you use your name as part of your blog name, no one puts you on top. Particularly when most people list out their recommended list alphabetically. Hey, I do it too. But, I want to be on top! I like being on top! OK. Maybe it’s not so bad being at the bottom. At least I’m not in the middle. People normally forget about you when you’re in the middle.

  1. If it’s any consolation I’m always below you since my blog name starts with a “W”…

  2. Hey, I’ve got you on top. And I get so much traffic. Your worries should be over. Rest easy in the Windy City.

  3. Perhaps you could become “An Ursula’s Not So Secret History”? Or even “B is for Barzey”?
    You’re right. I am overthinking this. 😉

  4. If I put you on my Blogroll as Barzey, you will be closer to the top — how about that
    Oh yeah — I’m back :)!

  5. Just wanted to point out, I’m actually fine with being listed as Ursula Barzey or Ursula’s Not So Secret History. That’s my name and I’m starting to love it, so wouldn’t really change a thing.

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