Paparazzi of One

Now I know why celebrities hate having their pictures taken. After awhile, all the fake smiling starts to hurt. How come you ask I can relate to this? Well for about half an hour today, I had my picture taken by photographer for the Chicago Tribune. She must have taken 200 pictures from various angles within my apartment and I know they’ll only use one, maybe two at most. Why? Well, I’ll be profiled along with 3 other women bloggers in upcoming Chicago Tribune’s Woman News section. I’m sort of nervous about it all. So I just hope that whatever the reporter quoted me as saying doesn’t make me sound stupid. I gave the interview shortly after coming back from New York vacation. Plus, this means that I’ll have to tell some close friends about my blog. Yeah to some it’s still a secret. I told my family (really my two sisters), but didn’t really tell some of the girls I hang around with on a regular basis. I suppose I just wanted to remain anonymous with the group. Oh well! They were bound to find it eventually as I’m using my real name. In any event, I’m not sure about exact day when article will be published, but it’s sometime not in the distance future. So stay tuned.
[Udpate 9:12pm]: Emailed reporter to get timeline for publication of article. She indicated it would be either July 9th or 16th. Once it goes live, I’ll be sure to provide the link. In the mean time, I’ll try and get ready for my 15 minutes of blogging fame. How will I get ready? Well, I’ll be blogging of course!!!

  1. Oooh, you’re famous! You’re going to put the text of the article up here for us to read when it comes out, right?

  2. Very cool! Congratulations, Ursula!

  3. That’s incredible! Definitely post the article – I’d love to see it!!

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