Other Chicago Bloggers

At the monthly meetup event on wednesday night, I had dinner and drinks at Third Coast restaurant with fellow Chicago bloggers who are worthy of a shout out. So go check out their sites: Alice, Andrew, Paul, Phineas, Rachael, Shylo, and Nikolai.

  1. Hey, congratulations! You weren’t the only woman there!

  2. Yeah, it was good to be in a mixed crowd, instead of being the old woman.
    Btw, I’ve linked to your site twice this week. Thus, you have an obligation to my readers to keep posting. Post every day for a week and you’ll be added to my blogroll.
    You know I love you right? :))))

  3. gawd … i am so jealous. there’s no cool blogmeet action in nj at all.

  4. I can’t believe I missed another one

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