Best Cities For Singles

According to Forbes magazine, Austin is the top city for singles. Chicago ranks 11th on list of top 40 largest metropolitan areas. Pittsburg is ranked 40th. Cities are ranked based on the following areas: nightlife, culture, job growth, number of other singles, cost of living alone and coolness. Below you’ll find a list of the top ten.

1. Austin
2. Denver-Boulder
3. Boston
4. Washington-Baltimore
5. Atlanta
6. San Francisco-Oakland
7. Los Angeles
8. New York
9. Raleigh-Durham
10. Dallas-Fort Worth

As Forbes pointed out, things are really happening in the heart of Texas. It has two cities on the list of top 10. In addition, Austin topped their list of places for business and careers last month. Dallas was 9th. I suppose it’s time for me to throw out all those stereotypes I had about Texas.

  1. Maybe this is another reason to consider moving down south? Several of those cities with available men are down here. 😉

  2. Within the next 18 months, I’ll be making a move somewhere. It just a question of whether or not it’s another apartment/condo in Chicago, another city, or maybe another continent. It’s time for a change.

  3. I don’t know if you should throw out ALL your stereotypes. My friend lives in somewhat suburban Texas and says it’s just like what you’d think – big hair, pick up trucks, dead armadillos, etc.

  4. what age group are we talking about here ? 18-24 year old and your life may center around college life. 24-40 year old may require a different criteria.

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