A word to the wise, watch what you say to friends because during difficult times the information you share in confidence could potentially will be used to further destroy your character and credibility.

  1. Phew! I thought that post was personal. I was worried for you for a minute!

  2. Yeah it’s about the Clintons. Say what you want about their relationship, but they’ve managed to survive and thrive when most would have failed. And I hate people like Dick Morris who gossip about what’s told in confidence. Those were some dark days for both Hillary and President Clinton. Thus, even though the friendship/pofessional relationship ended, I think it’s disloyal for Dick to be out there saying all these hurtful things.

  3. Yeah, he’s probably an asshole, but I fully believe Dick Morris. Actually, what I really believe is that Hillary pulled the old lawyer’s trick of “Don’t tell me what you did. Otherwise, I can’t ethically defend you in public”.

  4. I don’t doubt Dick Morris. I just hate people like him who share what’s told in confidence. How would you like every little dirty secret you shared with a family member/friend/confidant to suddently be out there in the public domain? If you haven’t given permission, it’s just not right. Obviously if he’s under oath, he needs to tell the truth about what he knows. But Dick has been making money these last few years telling what he knows about the Clintons. To me, that’s the ultimate betrayal. I hate people like that.

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