What High School Stereotype Are You?

Via Serenity, I found this cool quiz. Not really surprised by the results.

Take the What High School
Stereotype Are You?
quiz, by Angel.

  1. YIKES! I’m “The Blonde.” So NOT me it’s not funny! I think that quiz is on crack…

  2. im the goth well thats not suprising

  3. this quiz is so true I got an outsider ….even though I’m goth …but it’s true about disfuntional familys and depression and stuff …..

  4. Hey meow!

  5. Hey I’m Katie and I got blonde. blonde! I’ve got brown hair. but anyway i was pretty much like the thinkgy that came up, bout being a cheerleader and happy but not blonde!!
    HEhe byby xx luv katie

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