Using My Real Name

I’m rereading my blog. Gosh, I sound fucking depressing. Heck, I wouldn’t even want to be my own friend. Shit! What was I thinking using my real name here? I want to be anonymous about my thoughts. I’m feeling exposed and vulnerable.

  1. Maybe so, but using your real name has made you more real to all of us out here.

  2. What Philip said. Plus, I don’t think that you sound particularly depressing. You, and your life, sound real. Everyone’s life has its ups and downs, and your blog doesn’t suggest to me that you have more downs than anyone else.

  3. I’m with the rest of the gang. Your life just sounds like it’s normal. You’re searching for meaning and fulfillment and not getting the payback you hoped for right away. Sometimes things take time though…
    And one thing I found out about exposing feelings to people? Earlier this week I did the same in my blog, right? And I got supportive comments from people like you that made a difference in my mood. Hope I’ve returned the favor. :-]

  4. Thanks guys and gals. I’ve feeling the virtual love!!!

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