Sleep Deprived

I am sleep deprived. Except for a quick 1 hour nap, I have not slept in close to 24hours. Yet, I can’t go to bed. Trying to finish packing as shuttle is coming to pick me up in a little over an hour. Flight to New York is at 7am. Never again will I book a flight this early in the morning. I’m so tired. Of course, going out for happy hour yesterday after work didn’t help my case. I should have been home packing yet I was out until about 11pm. Oh well! I suppose that is the price for having fun. Here’s hoping I’ll be able to sleep on airplane.

  1. Watcha doing in New York?

  2. So I guess you’d say that the “1 hour” of sleep that you DID get…could be considered…a “Happy Hour”???

  3. HA!! HA!!

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