Search shows too much

Even though I hinted at it last night, I probably won’t change my domain name. But I must confess that lately I’ve been somewhat guarded about what I write, because like others out there, I’m concerned about what will show up when someone Googles my name. Having said that, I’m still going to try and be true to myself. If I begin to self-censor too much, I’ll shut this site down. Hopefully we won’t have to get to that point.

  1. The story talks to some guy named “Fark”?

  2. What one single thing (just one) is bothering you the most right now? What thing is poking at you the hardest?

  3. Thinking I know where you’re going with that line of questioning. If I pinpoint one issue and work on it, hopefully I’ll feel better. Savor the small victories; they eventually lead to bigger ones. Well besides the job, it would have to be my weight! Well maybe it’s the boyfriend thing. Or the family thing. Who knows, they all just role into each other.

  4. See, that article reveals exactly why I don’t use my real name on-line. I just don’t want people I’m only acquainted with in passing to be able to use the ‘net to find out things about me that I’d never tell them of my own accord.

  5. Makes total sense to me – which is why my real name is only in select places on my site. I do and don’t like it when people I know read my site. It seems to take the place of real communication.

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