Incredible Instant Adoring Boyfriend

I’ve found the perfect boyfriend substitute. It’s a cute video game called: Incredible Instant Adoring Boyfriend. Premise of game is that after coming home from work, I can pop in a video and have my beau greet me with flowers, stroke my ego with numerous compliments, tell me he’s done all the chores and even has dinner ready. Of course, this is only a short-term solution as nothing beats the real thing. But for those lonely nights, it would be nice to come home to a boyfriend who says things like:

— “All my previous relationships were totally meaningless. . . . They weren’t particularly nice people, so I can understand your saying mean things about them.”
— “I can understand why you have to try on 25 little black dresses before you settle on one. The perfect body deserves the perfect dress.”
— “I used to be such a terrible person before you came along and made me change my ways.”


    Ursula Barzey has found an Incredible Instant Adoring Boyfriend in the form of a video game. My guess is it won’t be all that helpful…

  2. I’m about wetting myself! U, this IS the perfect man! No cleaning up after him. And you know how you always (secretly @ one point or another) wished that all of your previous boyfriends had mute buttons? This one DOES! 😉

  3. Hmmmm…he “appears” to be the greatest boyfriend, but can he cook you a great meal,run you a hot bath and do the dishes while you soak?

  4. Well NO…but through the video he can give the illusion of doing all those things. In my mind, that’s not a bad start.

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