I like Boys and only Boys!

I’m laughing so hard, that it’s almost painful. One of my readers, who I won’t identify, sent a note asking me to clarify my sexual preferences. It appears that there was a grammatical error in my “Not Quite 100 Things About Me Post.” I wrote that I was single and awaiting my Princess. She was confused because I also have a post detailing what I’m looking for in a boyfriend/husband. I wonder how many other people were wondering about this as well? Well it should have read PRINCE. This has since been corrected. I can’t believe I didn’t catch that. More importantly, I can’t believe that my friends (including my best guy friend), who reads this daily didn’t point this out to me. Oh well. I suppose that explains some of my readership. But for the record, I’m not a lesbian. I’m not bi-sexual either. Sorry ladies. I’m as straight as an arrow and only interested in dating men. Having said that, I don’t have anything against gays and/or bi-sexual men and women. I’m good friends with quite a few gay men and if you look up the folks on my blogroll, you’ll find that quite a few swing for the other team. My motto is live and let live. I’m interested in having quality people in my life, I don’t really care about sexual preferences. Having said that, it would be nice to get email from some of my male readership who are straight! Wink! Wink!

  1. Actually, I prefer the term “half-gay”. It fits perfectly with my Half-Canadian status.
    Failing that, I like to say that my sexual preference is “The More, The Merrier”. 😉 (oh, and thanks for the link!)

  2. Ferra, that’s fabulous. I’m unwaveringly bi, for the record. 🙂

  3. Gotta say that I read right past that or else I would have teasingly put in an app. 😉

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