Da Mayor

Only in Chicago would the Mayor who was recently re-elected by 78% of the vote be able to close down an airport in the middle of the night without consulting or informing any of the powers that be (ie. the Governor, FAA, etc). The current war in Iraq gave him the political cover needed to justify the closure. I myself don’t like seeing planes flying over the city. So while The Friends of Miegs Field are getting some press, this will all die down in a few weeks/months and the Mayor will really get to build the park he really wanted.

  1. Last year 32,000 flights there….I hope none were in a “holding pattern” while circling the broken runways!

  2. None were in a holding pattern. But about half a dozen planes were still at the airport. So it’s going to cost the city quite a bit to move them without a functional runway.

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