Puffy Eyes

Ok. Ok. For anyone who was wondering, I’m fine. Sure I cried hysterically last night while reading the last 100 pages of Good In Bed, but I’ve recovered. Let’s just say that not since reading She’s Come Undone written by Wally Lamb have I been so deeply moved. I did end up writing the author Jennifer Weiner an email. She wrote back. Now I feel so much better!

  1. I can beleive she wrote back to you! Julian Gough (Juno & Juliet) commented on my blog once, but it’s not the same!

  2. It’s always amazing when someone you admire or respect sends you a note – or a comment – or even views your site. I have a huge list of daily sites and am constantly thrilled by the positive feedback from those bloggers! Ursula, you too. I really enjoy your site – I hit it a couple of times a day – and it means the world to me that you commented at my place.

  3. I was surprised that she responded so quickly. Afterall, I just sent email last night. I initially got a form letter reply — then she followed up with a person note less than 12 hours after I had sent the initial email. Her response was(is) quite comforting. I’ll print out and keep tucked away forever. She’s got a fan forever!!

  4. That is wonderful Ursula…I spoke to the author of one of my favorite books(Sacred Woman/Queen Afua) on the and it was wonderful.
    I definitely have to get the book read it.

  5. If you haven’t read Lamb’s other book, I know this much is true, it’s excellent as well.

  6. I did read Lamb’s other book: “I Know This Much Is True.” Just suberp!

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