Oscar Wrap Up

Of the 14 categories I made predictions on, I was only right 6 times. A mere 42% correct. I initally had The Pianist winning in a few categories (Director, Best Actor, Screenplay), but changed due the Roman Polanski legal scandal. Looks like I should have stuck with my first choice. But clearly, I shouldn’t give up my day job. I probably could have done just as well if I hadn’t seen any of the movies. Maybe that was the problem; I actually went to see them. I wonder how many of the academy voters actually see all the movies? Oh well. It’s only a stupid award show (laughing!). Now back to real life.

  1. Would it be terrible of me to create an award to give to Adrian Brody so he will kiss me?
    Umm, yeah, I think so. Oh well. It was an idea….

  2. Yes…but that nose…

  3. Oh, that nose. That hair. Mmmmm.
    Maybe I just have a thing for skinny white guys. Oh wait, I KNOW I have a thing for skinny white guys….

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