Let Live

Ok, I managed to calm myself down. Earlier today I was so panicky about everything that I couldn’t concentrate on work. And I made things worse by listening to NPR and reading all the news articles about the war. With my heart beating faster than normal, I stopped by the local CVS to use their machine to check my blood pressure. Thankfully, it’s still in normal range. I suppose I had some anxiety too because I hadn’t been able to get in touch with my younger sister. Finally spoke to her tonight. She moved into her new apartment early and the phone hasn’t been switched yet. In catching up, she told me that she got engaged! Yup, you heard it right. I know you’ll forgive me for not saying congratulations, she’s only know him for about 6 months. Plus, she’s only 21 with one marriage already behind her. She surely doesn’t need to be entering into another. Plus she has a young daughter and she just started going back to college. Oh well! I just have to let her live her life and keep reminding myself that I’m not her mother…just her sister.

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  1. Try living in NYC…your pressure would go through the roof!

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