Captured US Troops

God help us! I hope the Iraqs start playing by the rules of the Geneva Convention. Since the video is not being shown here in US (for good reasons), go here to read a description of said video. War is an awful business.
Update (2:40pm): I’ve seen pictures of the dead and captured Marines. Just awful I tell you. Just awful. I won’t even link to where I’ve seen them.

  1. Sistah Ursula,
    Thank you for the post…I wish I had been wise enough to heed your warning about those pictures. I went and did a little digging and found them.
    I am without words at this moment.
    I love your blog by the way — you have a new forever fan.

  2. Ursula,
    I’ve prayed for those poor men and women each night before going to be. Their future doesn’t look so good though. One of the things I’ve been doing to try and find out more about what’s going on in the war is to read some Arabic language websites.
    I was reading an article in the Times of Oman about the Iraqi regime’s perception of POWs. The crux of the article is:
    “[Iraqi] Information Minister Mohammed Ali Sahhaf told a press conference here that Iraq would not apply international conventions on prisoners of war. ‘They are not soldiers. They are mercenaries to which international law does not apply,’ he said.”
    I think my biggest frustration with the whole war is that there are no clear-cut “good guys.” Both the Bush administration & Saddam’s have bent and broken rules.
    The saddest thing is looking into the faces of those POWs and thinking, “None of this should be happening.”

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