If you’re into collecting first edition books, check out abebooks.com. According to their site, they are “the world’s largest online marketplace for used, rare, and out-of-print books”. I don’t doubt that one bit. My favorite book dealer (John Chandler @ Bookman’s Corner, 2959 North Clark Street, Chicago) told me about the site two summers ago and I have been using it to update my collection. God help me if I ever move out of my current apartment. The number of books I have could probably stock a small library. But this library doesn’t loan out books. I stopped that long ago…well at least for my hardcover books. For a book collector like myself, it’s torture to lend out a book (a first edition at that) to someone not really knowing whether or not you’ll ever get it back. Or worse, getting it back but it be desecrated (dog ears, water marks, food stains, etc.)

  1. abebooks is pretty awesome. I got a couple of books from them last year. 🙂 I also like alibris – it’s SO easy to use, though you typically don’t get as much info as you do on abebooks. My biggest out of print find actually came on Amazon – I found a copy of Midnight Moon, my all time favorite book from my childhood, for $40!!!! $40 after 5 years of searching is not bad at all.

  2. At least one online bookseller — I forget which one — occasionally sends a spider through my site, apparently looking for books.

  3. Site below cruises my site all the time.
    All Consuming

  4. spider?

  5. Basically a spider is a droid

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