2002 Tax Return Complete

Finished my taxes today using TurboTax. For the first time in 6 years, I’ll be getting a federal refund. I owe the state, but it’s less than a $100 so it’s no big deal. Usually, it’s the reverse. Now I have to make plans for the money I’m getting back. I know I should just put it in my money market fund or better yet make a contribution to my Roth IRA, but I might use for a vacation. I need a break from everyday life. I want to go to someplace exotic. Maybe Hawaii. I have enough mileage to get a free ticket, so I’d just have to cover hotel and entertainment expenses. So question now becomes, do I go alone or do I invite someone along? I suppose I’ll just decide when I get the money. By then I’ll probably come to my senses and do the smart thing and save the money. Who knows how this war will affect me personally.

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